The Paleo Diet

With all the super-size this and large size that fast food options, processed foods and other junk food choices available today, it’s no secret that our society is full of some of the most unfit, overweight and unhealthy people in the world.

There are more food-related health problems (cancer, diabetes, high cholesterol and more) than there have ever been. But because you’re reading this, I want to say congratulations! You’ve obviously made an important decision to take back your health and start eating better. It doesn’t matter what the reason behind it is (if you’re newly diagnosed with a health related disease/issue or you’re just sick and tired of being unhealthy, or want to lose weight in a healthy manner, for example), what’s important is that you’re taking action to make the positive changes in your diet and lifestyle. That’s a huge accomplishment and a very smart decision.

Also, because you’re reading this, I’m assuming you’re interested in a Paleo way of eating. This site was created to give you some easy-to-understand information about eating a Paleo diet. We’ve included a series of articles broken down into a five day action plan that will help you get started. You’ll even find some sample recipes that are quick and easy, but delicious, too, as well as a seven-day menu plan to ease you into your first week of following the Paleo way of eating.

Other articles end with a sample meal plan, to give you some ideas for following the Paleo way of eating.

Here’s to your health!

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