The Paleo Diet

Father and Son Making Hamburger Patties

How To Have A Happy Paleo Kid

Ditching sugar is a big adjustment for anyone, let alone for a child. So what is the trick? How do you get a child to get excited about eating Paleo?

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Paleo Snacks

Healthy Snack Ideas to Bring to Work

Long days at work often need to be broken up, and people snack to keep their energy levels up or often just to break up the day. Here are some Paleo snacks you can try.

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Weight Loss on Scale

When Will You See Paleo Diet Results?

When will you see your Paleo diet results? While many people start to see and feel the effects of eating the Paleo way very early on, your personal Paleo diet results will vary.

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Paleo Workouts

Working Out On The Paleo Diet

If you are looking to supercharge your Paleo diet results, then it is time to start doing some easy workouts that will supercharge the fat burning process.

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Eating Paleo at Restaurant

Eating Out While Eating Paleo

Eating out while you are on a diet is hard, but when you are doing Paleo, it doesn’t have to be. These simple strategies can get you ready for restaurant success.

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Low Carb Flu

What is The Low Carb Flu and Will You Get It on a Paleo Diet?

The low carb flu is not quite what it sounds like, but it is named because the symptoms of the low carb flu can manifest themselves in a remarkably similar way to the traditional flu.

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Canned Foods

Canned Food On The Paleo Diet?

On the Paleo Diet, you want your food to be as fresh and unprocessed as possible. So that means no canned foods, right? Well, not necessarily…

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Shopping for Paleo Food

Making A Paleo Diet Grocery List

Making a Paleo diet grocery list might seem intimidating at first, but it doesn’t have to be. It’s probably the easiest diet there is to shop for.

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Paleo Food Budget

Paleo on a Budget – 5 Money-Saving Tips

Whenever you think about starting a new healthy lifestyle, price is always on your mind. Here are a few ways to keep both your budget, and your sanity, intact.

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Eating Smaller Meals

The Case for Eating Several Smaller Meals Per Day

Eating more frequently every day might work for some people, but it should not be pitched as a scientific solution to fat loss. But are there benefits? For some people, absolutely.

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