Going Paleo: Five Tips for Getting Started Successfully

A Paleo Dinner

Athletes, medical professionals, friends, acquaintances, and more are all raving about the wonders of following the popular Paleo diet. Perhaps their testimonies about the health benefits of following a Paleo lifestyle has you wondering if you might feel better and look better if you gave the Paleo diet a try. But switching to a whole new way of eating can be intimidating. If you are considering going Paleo, take a cue from our five easy tips to help you go Paleo successfully!

1. Know the Basics

Thankfully, following a Paleo diet isn’t about following a complex rule book or meticulously counting calories, but there are a few basics to know about what you should eat and what you should skip.

Avoid: grains, processed foods, sugar, artificial sweeteners, dairy, beans and legumes, white potatoes.

Eat: vegetables, fruit, meat, seafood, nuts, seeds, healthy fats

2. Find a Buddy

It’s always easier to start a new endeavor with the help of a friend. Enlist the help of a friend who is already following a Paleo journey for support when you have questions or hit bumps in the road.

3. Use Tested Recipes

When you are first navigating trying recipes with ingredients that you may not be familiar with like almond meal or coconut flour, look for published recipes that have been tested rather than attempting to create your own. In time, you’ll be able to be as creative as you like, but the unfamiliar nature of some of these new foods make it wise to follow a professional’s lead in the beginning.

4. Go for What’s Naturally Paleo

Rather than look for an imitation of non-Paleo foods, fill your diet with foods that are naturally Paleo compliant. For example, rather than trying to find a Paleo compliant bread, just wrap your sandwich fixings with a large leaf of lettuce.

5. Expect Mistakes

Even those who have followed a Paleo lifestyle for years make slip ups now and then. When you make a mistake, give yourself grace and move forward.


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