Fun Paleo Halloween Snacks

If you’ve been on the Paleo diet for a while, you already know the types of snacks you can enjoy. However, it can be fun to put a Halloween twist on them. These snacks are a great way to get kids involved in Paleo even during Halloween, and to bring to various parties during this time of year.

Paleo Halloween Treats

Ghost Bananas

This is a super easy snack you can make for your kids leading up to Halloween or to display at a Halloween party where you want everyone to have healthier, Paleo-approved snacks with a Halloween theme. All you need to do slice some smaller bananas in half, then add any type of fruit, nut or even dark cacao chips as the eyes and mouth. It instantly transforms it into a ghost banana! You can dip the top of the bananas in some melted white chocolate if you allow that on your Paleo diet, but it is definitely not required.

Tangerine Pumpkins

This is yet another fruit treat that looks fun for Halloween, but really only contains fruit. Tangerines are the perfect size and shape to create little pumpkins out of. You want to keep them hole and remove the tangerine peel. You can then place a thinly-sliced piece of celery in the top to create the pumpkin stem. Set these out with your ghost bananas for a healthy snack.

Spider Deviled Eggs

This recipe combined deviled eggs that are made to be appropriate for the Paleo diet, with black olives that create a spider on top. These are great for bringing to Halloween events and parties when you want to make something that is okay to have for anyone on the Paleo diet. You can use Paleo mayo to create the filling for the deviled eggs, with a little bit of mustard. Add the filling to the hard-boiled eggs that are sliced in half, then cut black olives into the spider body, head, and legs.

Paleo Halloween Spider Eggs

Bacon Mummy Fingers

These are for when you want a heartier lunch or appetizer on Halloween. You are going to use processed meat, which is usually only allowed in limited quantities on the Paleo diet. Remember to choose your meat carefully and don’t get sausage or bacon with a lot of preservative. Get the really high-quality stuff, such as what your grocery deli or local butcher provides you with. You want to cook the sausages, then wrap the bacon around them for the last few minutes. They look just like creepy mummy fingers.

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