Pumpkin Cookie Dough

Paleo Desserts to Enjoy On Halloween Night

Instead of just grabbing a sugar-filled piece of candy from the trick-or-treat bag, why not make a Paleo-friendly dessert your family can enjoy completely guilt-free?

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Trick or Treaters

Paleo Candy For Halloween

Naturally, a struggle with being on any type of diet during Halloween is that you can’t have the usual candy, and Paleo is no exception. On the Paleo diet, you are very careful about the type of sugar you eat, and even things like regular peanuts are not usually allowed. Luckily, there are some homemade […]

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Paleo Pumpkin Pancakes

Paleo Breakfast Ideas For Halloween

If you want to make your Halloween season breakfast extra-special, it is possible to do and still remain on the Paleo diet. Try some of these ideas!

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Paleo Kids at Halloween

How to Encourage Kids to Stick to Paleo Over Halloween

These simple tips are going to help you and your kids enjoy Halloween, dress up, carve pumpkins, and enjoy some Paleo-friendly food and treats.

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Paleo Pumpkin Soup

Halloween Night Dinner Ideas

When it comes to dinner,, you might be looking for some inspiration that allows you to celebrate Halloween while also sticking to your Paleo eating lifestyle.

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Paleo Banana Ghosts

Fun Paleo Halloween Snacks

These snacks are a great way to get kids involved in Paleo even during Halloween, and to bring to various parties during this time of year.

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Paleo Chocolate Apples

Paleo Apple-Based Halloween Recipes

Here are some snacks and treats that use apples and make excellent Halloween recipes that also are Paleo-friendly.

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Halloween Candy

Getting Through Halloween on the Paleo Diet

The Paleo lifestyle does get easier, but there are times when it is a bit of a struggle, such as when Halloween roll around.

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Eating Paleo at Restaurant

Eating Out While Eating Paleo

Eating out while you are on a diet is hard, but when you are doing Paleo, it doesn’t have to be. These simple strategies can get you ready for restaurant success.

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The Three Things All Paleo Meals Should Have

Following the Paleo Diet is easy. Just make sure that every meal you eat has these three things and you will be well on your way to Paleo success.

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